Mobile Website Design

If your website is not mobile friendly you are basically turning away over 60% of the visitors to your site because mobile devices account for the majority of traffic to most small business websites, and those visitors may never return.

Mobile Website Design

A mobile website design is responsive, which means it will adapt to the screen size of any device. Google has already begun to penalize sites that are not mobile friendly, lowering their ranking for all searches performed on devices such as smartphones. In 2014 over 50% of searches were performed on smartphones and tablets, in 2016 that number was over 60% and those numbers will only continue to go higher in 2017 and beyond.

Why You Really Need a Mobile Website Design

Your business cannot afford to have your website ranking lowered for mobile searches. If you do not create a mobile website or redesign your current site, then your competition will, and you will lose current customers and potential new customers who demand a user-friendly browsing experience.


We all know how popular smartphones have become, and we can create a responsive website design that will look great on any mobile phone.


Many people have switched from using laptops to tablets like the iPad. Our mobile website designs look great on all brands of tablets.


Laptop computers are still the standard for businesses, and we make sure our website designs look great on all laptop computers, regardless of their size.


Desktop computers are still very popular for home users and businesses, and we make sure our websites look great on desktops, regardless of brand or size.


Responsive design means a website will automatically adjust to fit the screen of any device. A good design will look amazing on any device.

Mobile Menu

Three bars have come to represent a menu, and this is by far the most common icon on mobile devices. Clicking the icon will display a menu.

WordPress Mobile Design

We install a premium, mobile friendly theme for free with all of our WordPress website designs. This theme includes many great features that make it easy for you to manage your new site.

Mobile Shopping Cart

A mobile shopping cart makes it easier for your customers to purchase your products regardless of the device they are using. Making it easy for customers to order will increase sales.

Management Tools

A mobile website design using a content management system like WordPress will allow you to update your site, post events and create new pages in-house, saving you both time and money.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers expect a user friendly experience. If your website is not mobile friendly they will seek one that is. Losing market share to your competitors is a double negative for your business.


Mobile Design






Client Support

Mobile Shopping Cart

WooCommerce shopping cart software creates a mobile friendly, feature rich online store that is easy to manage. Contact us now to discuss our shopping cart software website design services or request a quote.
WordPress Website Design

WordPress Websites

Our designers can create a stunning WordPress website design for your business that will look great on any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Contact us to discuss how a WordPress website can help your business grow.

Our Mobile Website Designs Look Great In All Popular Browsers

Internet Explorer
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